Pack Trips

Fantastic fishing is a highlight of all my trips, but there are lots of other activities as well. You’ll enjoy horseback riding, photography, wild animals, camping, wildflowers, beautiful mountain scenery and old Indian and mountain man history. You’ll pack into country that is virtually unchanged since it was first discovered by white men. As we travel through the area we describe the historical features, flora and fauna, and geological features.

Elk, deer, moose, Bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain goats, marmots, picas, eagles and more are often visible, and often within range for great pictures. Spectacular scenery, old trappers’ cabins, old Indian camps and abundant wildlife make for a photographers’ paradise.

We pack into remote wilderness areas surrounding Yellowstone National Park through July and August. Some of the areas include Bridger Teton National Forest, Absaroka Wilderness, Shoshone National Forest and Beartooth Primitive Area. There are no roads or motorized vehicles in these areas, the only access being on foot or horseback.

We utilize the best in camping equipment. Sleeping tents are 9′ x 9′ four person capacity. We put two people to each tent, or singles may have a tent of their own. They are tall enough to stand up in and have floors and a window.

Tents are provided for showers and other necessary sanitary facilities.

We take along a 14′ x 16′ wall tent for cooking and dining. It is equipped with a wood-burning cook stove, tables and chairs. You can either eat in the tent our outside by the campfire. The cook tent is nice for chilly mornings, giving you a warm place to have your coffee or hot chocolate and breakfast. It beats standing around a campfire trying to keep warm, especially if it’s raining.

Meals consist of steaks, fried chicken, pork chops, fish, spaghetti, roasts, biscuits, salads, and desserts. Breakfast items include bacon, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns and pancakes. Sack lunches are packed for day rides. Experienced mountain cooks prepare all of the western style meals. No one leaves the table hungry.

Wilderness Pack Trips

5-10 days
  • Starting at $300/day per person
  • Two types of trips are available. In one, we pack up and move the camp to several locations, affording you the chance to see new country and try a variety of fishing spots. The second type is a stationary camp with one-day side trips to provide different fishing waters and sightseeing opportunities.
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