Wyoming Big Horn Sheep

“Big Rams are our Business!”

We enjoy sheep hunting the Most!  We know that these tags are essentially “once in a lifetime” and we treat your hunt that way.  We hunt the top 5 areas in the state.  We are the right Outfit to trust with your Sheep tag.  We have base camps in units 3,4 and 5,  which enables us to do what no other Wyoming outfitter can do,  and that is hunt more area!! We book 10 day hunts but we will keep you around as long as it takes to get the job done.

Rocky Mtn. Bighorn Sheep

10-days (more days available if necessary.)
  • World Class Guides working hard to get you World Class Trophies!
  • Hunt dates vary from Aug 15 — Oct 30.
  • Some hunts are booked 1 year in advance.
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Refund Policy:

Your deposit will be refunded when I have booked another hunter in your position

Hunting Seasons

Hunting Seasons do not vary much from year to year, but please contact us to get confirmation on dates.

  • Aug 15 - Oct 30 | Sheep  (Depending on area)
  • Sep 01 - Oct 30 | Goat
  • Sep 19 - Sep 28 | Archery elk
  • Nov 06 - Nov 10 | Rifle elk
  • Nov 10 - Dec 08 | Late season Elk  (depending on area)
  • Nov 10 - Dec 31 | Cow Elk (depending on area)
  • May 01 - Jun 15 | Spring Black Bear (depending on snow pack)

License Info

Wyoming Game & Fish Application Booklets:

  • Deer Application
  • Moose, Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Goat Application
  • Antelope Application
  • Elk Application

No Licenses Available Check Back Soon

Gear List

For your hunt you will need:

  • Spotting scope (if you have one) your guide will have one.
  • Binoculars, (good optics are a must)
  • Range finder
  • Rifle scope and scope covers
  • Small flashlight
  • Water bottle
  • Hunting license and conservation stamp
  • Gloves
  • Warm cap
  • Heavy coat
  • Light coat
  • Long underwear
  • Good hunting boots and socks
  • Wool or “Gore-Tex” type pants
  • Any medications you might need
  • Camera and Film
  • Extra batteries
  • Sleeping bag
  • Head lamp
  • Game bags


  • Camo
  • Soft case for your bow
  • Tools for bow
  • Extra string, sight etc.
  • Scents, Pine dirt or urine
  • Broadheads and field tips

We use lots of wool, polypropylene “Windstopper” and “Gore-Tex” .  Remember Cotton Kills.

Your duffle will be in two soft bags: one duffle and one sleeping bag.  You MUST keep the weight of your duffle under 40 lbs.

All duffle bags will be weighed before all hunts.